Reunel Extreme Heavy Duty Rear Bumpers for Toyota

The strongest towing hitch and collision protection in the world


Heavy Duty Rear Towing Bumper for Toyota Trucks

Reunel has been building extreme heavy duty rear towing bumpers continuously since 1967!  The Reunel bumper towing hitch capacity is rated to tow 20,000 pounds and delivers a 6,000 pound tongue weight. A combination ½” and ¼” steel structure offers formidable protection to the back of your truck.  Special features, such as a tire carriers and/or hidden winch mount, make Reunel not only extremely tough, but also extremely functional.

Stainless steel or painted bumpers are available. Reunel offers two different female receiver hitch options: a welded-in female receiver hitch, rated at 20,000 pounds towing with a 6,000 pound tongue weight or a bolt on bottom mount receiver hitch for bumper configurations that include a built-in winch or where pintle and ring hitch will be used directly from the Reunel signature double center plates.

Made-in-USA-logo-flag-AAll Reunel bumpers are custom built here in the USA using premium American steel.

Models Served

Specify Long Bed or Short Bed
2007-2013 Tundra
1999-2006 Tundra

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Prices for Rear Bumper

Painted $1000
Stainless $1800

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Rear Bumper Options
Welded-in 20,000lb Class 5 female Receiver Hitch $75
Bolted-on 15,000lb female Receiver Hitch System $125
Backup Light Holes (4x6in. rectangular) $75
Distance Sensor Mounts (each) $37.50
Diamond Aluminum Full-wrap Overlays $150
Diamond Aluminum Deck on top of channels $75
D-Rings Painted each $65
Swing Away Set (Tire and Gas) $1500
Swing Away Tire Carrier $800
Swing Away Basket Carrier $800
Get Theme $49