Reunel Extreme Duty Front Winch Bumper

Reunel extreme duty winch bumpers are built with a robust mounting system and are carefully designed to encompass and incorporate individual vehicle frame structures. The main body of Reunel extreme duty front winch bumper is solid steel welded from top-quality heavy plate steel or type 304 stainless steel. Mild steel bumpers are finished with a two-coat industrial powdercoat.  The world-famous Reunel extreme duty stainless steel front winch bumper is hand polished to a mirror finish.

Made-in-USA-logo-flag-AAll Reunel bumpers are custom-built here in the USA using premium American steel.


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Front Winch Bumper Options

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Front Winch bumper

The Reunel front winch (or non-winch) bumper is mounted directly to the frame using the factory holes –no welding or drilling is required. The outer shell is constructed of combination of 1/4”and 3/16″ with significant interior structure for Winch and Frame mounting. The expanded metal seen in the Reunel front bumper is for maximum ventilation into the engine area.


Brush and Headlight Guards

The Reunel brush guards are made from plate steel and tubing in the center area, and the headlight guards are solid shaft steel barsthe ultimate in collision protection for your truck!


Wing Light Holes

Wing light holes are 6″ recessed canisters bolted into the bumper’s outer “wing” area. Also called “light buckets,” they can accommodate most round post-mount lights.  Our recommendation is PIAA 560 LED lamps.


Inset Face Light Holes

Face light holes are inset cutouts for Ford OEM lights or Rigid Dually D2 LED lights. Face light holes are located in the front “face” area of the bumper on either side of the license plate or winch area or winch area.


Welded Receivers

Reunel offers two welded receivers in the front bumper increasing functionality and utility.


Diamond Deck

Reunel offers diamond deck on top of the front bumper. We do not offer a diamond deck plate bumper, however.


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